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Vivien Westwood Seditionaries Pants

Post by jimmyj »

I got this email today, tried to email him back but it bounced back - he included pics. I've never monitored pants - do they do better than the shirts?

Hi Jimmy,
I find out your contact throught the net.
Openning up my boxes of old stuff, I find out the bondage trousers I did buy in 1977 at Malcom Mc Laren SEDITIONARIES shop. This trousers where created and made by Vivienne Westwood @ this time (I think so)
That's where the begening of Vivienne Westwood carriere.
This trousers were my second skin during my teenage years (77-82). This trousers have see all the best Brit, US, German and french PUNK bands on stage.
I where them during some of my band gigs, beleive me they had a hard punk life, so they aren't new, but in not bad contitions.
I would like to know if you can informe me, on where and how much can I try to sell them.
I know they must be realy rare and vintage, as I had an offer throught a friend in Tokyo, but before to do anything, I would like to know what to do.
If you can help me that will be great. I enclose a few pictures of this item, to give you a better idea on what we're talking about. I think they're large size, but I don't get in anymore (if yes, i'll may be wear them again :))))))
Thanx in advance for your repply, best regards.
Manu Casana
Vivien Westwood Seditionaries Pants
westwood3.JPG (95.52 KiB) Viewed 6973 times
Vivien Westwood Seditionaries Pants
westwood2.JPG (109.42 KiB) Viewed 6973 times
Vivien Westwood Seditionaries Pants
westwood.jpg (145.52 KiB) Viewed 6973 times
Jimmy J

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Re: Vivien Westwood Seditionaries Pants

Post by Johnny65 »

O' man! Those are definitely a collector item.

Currently there are no original Seditionaries bondage pants up for auction on eBay. I've seem them once or twice in the last few years but my guess is they are far more difficult to find these days than the tees. Pants don't seem to be one of those items people hang onto over the course of 30 years.

I'm guessing the value of this pair could be somewhere in the $500.00 - $1,000.00 range. Possibly higher.

Hope that helps.

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