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Blood N Iron 3D Emblem

Post by TurdFerguson69 »

Can’t find anything on this graphic. Looking for ideas on price.
Blood N Iron 3D Emblem
Blood N Iron 3D Emblem
Blood N Iron 3D Emblem

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Re: Blood N Iron 3D Emblem

Post by jimmyj »

Very cool. Never seen. I sent it to my 3D Emblem guy. It has the rear motorcyrcle-related print going for it. But the front print also defies what a lot of people usually seek out with 3D emblem, those high-def prints.

The people that pony up for 3D emblem are mostly in Thai and Malaysia, I'm not sure if they would have an appreciation for it - but maybe they do collect anything 3D-related, not sure.

Tricky one to put a value on. Put it on eBay and price it high and see what trickles in.
Jimmy J

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