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East West Musical Instrument Jacket

Post by Grandpa »

I'm the original owner of this East West Musical Instrument Company leather jacket.

This was produced when the company was still called EW Musical Instrument and had not yet changed it's name to E.W. Leather Co. The store was located right off Folsum Street. I originally purchased 2 jackets, this one, which is called Andromeda, I still have hanging in the closet. The other, which was a "lagoon jacket" - picture a rich green leather, with fringes on the back and between the arm and the body of the jacket was a patch of green leather (similar to the way a flying squirrel has that membrane) embedded with rhinestones. I used to raise my arms up and people used to fall out (we ate a lot of LSD back in the day :shock: ) So, I lent it to a friend so he could attend a wedding party and never saw the jacket again :cry: Kenny K., if you are still alive, I want my jacket back. :)

Anyhow, I was approached by people who want this but I got the distinct impression they were trying to low ball me. When I purchased it, the jacket cost me $275, which was a whole lot of cake in those days.

The condition of the leather is still really nice, there are only 2 small flaws which you can see on the front of the jacket, I never took it in for cleaning because I did not trust anyone to work on the jacket. None of the silver paint is cracking or peeling.
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Re: East West Musical Instrument Jacket

Post by jimmyj »

nice! good story and jacket. They are certainly low balling you - if you do a search above for "East West", EW jackets commonly made our top fetching auctions list - would think you would get at least $1000...and have gone up for $4k.

sell it yourself on eBay and let us know when you list it!
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Re: East West Musical Instrument Jacket

Post by sazzvintag »

I sold a way less fancy EW leather jacket to a CA dealer for $1200- and he was obviously going to flip it.
You'll probably get your best price on ebay, hopefully for you in the $2000 range!
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Re: East West Musical Instrument Jacket

Post by Lanian »

Hi, in case anyone is interested, I have an East West Jacket listed on ebay
A nice find in my mom's closet.

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Re: East West Musical Instrument Jacket

Post by RyanB »

Looks like something that would've been in a Roxy Music promo vid.

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