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Old Walt Disney's FANTASIA Move Promo T-Shirt

Post by ins0mniac »

I have a Walt Disney's Fantasia T-shirt I am looking for info or value. It has shrunken a bit 16.5" from armpit to armpit and 24" from collar to bottom. It is a thin from wear shirt and has not rips or stains. Please see pictures to help me date the shirt. The only date is 1940 in Roman numerals which is the date the movie was first released. Can this shirt be that old? I have never owned a 1940's t-shirt before so I have no idea. Please help.
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Re: Old Walt Disney's FANTASIA Move Promo T-Shirt

Post by jimmyj »

Def not 1940s, we didn't have the capabilities to pull of a print like that.

This is likely 1982 when the film underwent a digital re-release.

Value - hmmmmm I've seen some of them hit the $50-100 mark but never this design, first I've seen of it.
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Re: Old Walt Disney's FANTASIA Move Promo T-Shirt

Post by Frank »

That Ebert tag is definitely from the early 80s-- a lot of Little League t-shirt jerseys have that tag!

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