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excuse me while I whip this out (mel brooks content)

Post by bodhi »

I picked this up a year or so ago as part of a large t-shirt lot. I never listed it as it's not in the greatest condition. I absolutely love this movie, and would work it into the regular rotation but it's a little big on me so I finally got around to snapping some photos to see if there would be any interest at all.

Blazing Saddles came out in 1971, I believe, so I would date this to roughly early to mid 70's. It's a little discolored, has several rust stains on the shoulders (from a metal hanger I assume) and the print is pretty weathered. It also has a few small sections of what looks like hand-stitching on one shoulder, probably a repair. The image itself is also a bit off-kilter, not perfectly centered on the shirt but not terrible. No rips or holes (also no tag).

So what do you guys think? Worth the effort to list? What would you value it at?

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Re: excuse me while I whip this out (mel brooks content)

Post by jimmyj »

That movie rules. It's a heat transfer though, so it takes a hit on value. Still love it, but you definitely need to find a fan of the flick and price it fixed.
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Re: excuse me while I whip this out (mel brooks content)

Post by Johnny65 »

Still very collectible.

The patina to the iron-on is actually quite nice as far as iron-ons go.

Not sure what kind of price you'd get. Maybe in the $40-$50 range considering the overall condition.

A film buff might pay more.
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