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early 90's Morrissey tour t-shirt

Post by bodhi »

I'm trying to zero in on a realistic price for this tee. Morrissey & Smiths t-shirt prices are all over the place. The only other example of this design that I've found is listed at $150 or best offer. I tried it at auction starting at $74.99 and got a lot of interest but no bids. After it ended, several buyers sent messages offering various prices. Just wanted to get some opinions on an actual value, thanks!
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Re: early 90's Morrissey tour t-shirt

Post by jimmyj »

at auction morrissey tees seem to be going for quite low - but BIN is still strong. There's one exactly like yours priced at $149 - I would do a BIN for $100-125 and be patient.

auctions kinda stink...especially right now
Jimmy J

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