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1981 Billy Squier Don't Say No Promo? Shirt

Post by studiolano »

Hello everyone, nice to meet you and hope you are doing well :) My name is John, I have read a ton on this site and I can see you guys are very knowledgeable about vintage clothing...I have learned quite a bit since I discovered the site.

I recently found this shirt at a local store and, after much searching, can find nothing about it. I assume it is some sort of promo shirt for the album's release that was given to record shops or radio stations. The tag is faded and I can only make out a few words but the brand name is not one of them :(
I would love to hear your evaluation and a ballpark figure for the worth of this shirt.

Here is the front of the shirt.
1981 Billy Squier Don't Say No Promo? Shirt
BSquierDSN1.jpg (64.55 KiB) Viewed 3393 times
And here is the back.
1981 Billy Squier Don't Say No Promo? Shirt
BSquierDSN2.jpg (65.47 KiB) Viewed 3393 times
Hopefully I have sized these correctly and you guys can see them ok. Also, let me know if you require any extra photos.
Anyhoo, thank you for any info and, most of all, your time.

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Re: 1981 Billy Squier Don't Say No Promo? Shirt

Post by jimmyj »

Definitely rare and a bonus that it's from his best selling album. It's also some of his earliest swag. Promo tees can have a life of their own and you might have something with the Galgano tie in.

But Billy's vintage tees have never really done well. In one of my deadstock finds years back there was tons of Billy shirts from Emotions in Motion and Signs of Life - other successful albums - and they never commanded high prices. Usually opening bid.

The Squier tees listed on eBay now at $150+ are ridiculously priced - and checking past sales - the only one of his tees that sold was for $24.

The other downside is the color and ringers have yet to regain the popularity they once had years ago.

Maybe list it BIN for $200 and be open to offers?
Jimmy J

(Please note: Legit checks I do in this forum should not be considered 100% conclusive; I'm simply giving a gut reaction based on the limited information provided.)

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Re: 1981 Billy Squier Don't Say No Promo? Shirt

Post by oscar »

I sold a Squire tee within the last year for 60 bucks, but it was a raglan. This one looks like it might be a rayon blend? What are the materials? That would jack up the price considerably for buyers in Thailand and Malaysia and asking 100+ wouldn't be out of the question.

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