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lord ched
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The horror (or not?) of non-vintage t-shirts

Post by lord ched »

There's a lot of talk about current shirts- the big, chunky 100% cotton shirts generally shunned by shirties- as being "low quality", or otherwise the garment of choice for lieutenants of Satan. I figured that a combination of nostalgia and the good-feeling softness/stretchiness of the classic 50/50 was driving the trend- but isn't nostalgia for the newer shirts going to kick in eventually? There is something to be said for the macho flavour of a hardcore 90's rock shirt being enhanced by the heavy cotton, and while it's not my fabric of choice (I am a child of the 80's) it's a perfectly defensible fashion decision. Is there actually a quality issue that I'm blanking on, or is it just current aesthetics that might flip over one day?

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Re: The horror (or not?) of non-vintage t-shirts

Post by hermosavtg »

I doubt it. How many people do you see wearing big collared 100% poly leisure shirts these days? Some fashion trends go away and never come back because they are uncomfortable and impractical, and look plain silly!

I think the heavy cotton thing came about because of the many very poor quality 100% cotton shirts that proliferated in the late 80's and early 90's. The cotton fabric was of such poor quality and thin that it stretched out, lost its form, ripped and became thread bare and hole ridden after not much use. But these days 100% cotton t-shirt fabrics have much improved, and now the general public is accustomed to that high fashion t-shirt that never come in that "Beefy-T" variety.

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