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I'm very upset. So very upset...

Post by RyanB »

I just got back from Miami. My girlfriend's sister had her first child down there. While we were visiting their mom decided to help get some stuff out of a storage unit for the new parents because we were in a truck. They had it slap full, so I had to climb in there and really dig to get the stuff we were looking for. My girlfriend grabs this bag with a patch on it out of a box and says how mad she is that her sister ruined her GREAT GRANDMA'S T-SHIRT!!! The patch that WAS a t-shirt was from the early 40's!!! It was purchased when their grandfather was in elementary school IN ITALY!!! I was already in a bad mood but that sent me over the edge. Leave it to your girlfriend's sister to ruin a precious piece of history. :evil:

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Re: I'm very upset. So very upset...

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Aww... they didn't even know what they did.

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Re: I'm very upset. So very upset...

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Some people do not pay attention to things they don't understand . I think ...

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