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Re: Japanese Ebay Bidders With Private Feedback

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Ha - I always thought it was "Make Money Stuffing Envelopes!" The mail order I always dreamed of as a kid. I'm scared of the outside world now.
Jimmy J

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Re: Japanese Ebay Bidders With Private Feedback

Post by Johnny65 »

Frank wrote:Pretty funny, but pretty smart as well.

I don't know how Rainbow Gasoline does it. That business model seems pretty tough.

The business model of thrifting has a lot of wasted time built in, but I like the whole experience of going into the unknown and finding treasures in the stuff other people considered worthless. The thrill is in the hunt! It's such a great feeling to sift a thrift and stumble upon a great find. I always say, :Fuuuuuuuck yeah!" or "You're mine!" or "get in my belly!"
I love that feeling.
Me too Frank! That's the fun part for me. Getting out there and finding that gem that someone else has discarded. *Bam!!* ...into my personal collection it goes hidden from the public for another 40 years. That's if I live past 80. :lol:

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