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Nike The Threepeat

Post by Marbles »

Hopefully everyone here doesn't mind if I post in here. Cheers if its cool. Anyways, forever I have passed over all the Nike stuff. My main item I search for is old band tees. Not a very eventful search. Im lucky if I find one or two a day. So lately I have expanded into Nike. New territory. I always grab the orange swoosh tags along with the blue ones. I have been passing on these light silver ones and a red swoosh in a black box. Are they worth picking up? Also I found this today. Anything special. Something like this I would normally pass over but, from my listing on ebay that is off and going Guess I took a gamble. What would anyone say about this. Another Nike on a different label. The Nike swoosh thing is embroidered....Worth anything?
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Re: Nike The Threepeat

Post by mrs_stout »

Looks like an 80s/90s bootleg. I used to see a lot of this kind of stuff back then on Canal Street, 125th Street.

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Re: Nike The Threepeat

Post by oscar »

Haha! I was gonna say Canal Street too. That's the go-to example for bootlegs. Yes. If you're at thrift stores and you're paying a couple bucks I would say pick up every Nike grey tag tee you see.

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