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Woodstock original 1969

Post by Mercman85 »

I bought what looks to be a original Woodstock tshirt about 10 years ago . I had some doubts about its authenticity but It does look like a very old shirt defiantly pre 80s . Maybe someone can give me some clues as to what to look for to determine if its really from the festival or a repro from 70s. Any help would be appreciated.
Woodstock original 1969
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Re: Woodstock original 1969

Post by jimmyj »

hi sorry for the late reply. this tee is similar to one that caused a ruckus a while back. I believe it to be a 1979 / 1980s tribute, some disagree.

read the comments here:

Jimmy J

(Please note: Legit checks I do in this forum should not be considered 100% conclusive; I'm simply giving a gut reaction based on the limited information provided.)

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Re: Woodstock original 1969


I agree with J on this one.
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