If you're on the hunt for a specific vintage t-shirt post it here.
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Im a polo collector, Ill buy pieces off folks for reasonable prices, especially considering you don't got to do much work, show me what you got and if its something I need then lets hash out a deal. Im not looking to rape anybody or come up, if you want to squeeze the sweater you found for 200$ post it and wait for the 200$ but if you could use a quick sale to get bucks back in your hands cause you need cash im the guy to talk too, ALSO if your not a seller but a collector I am super down to trade for what you collect for what im looking for. Im a pretty reasonable guy, I buy and sell more in a week than most in a year so im down to make deals, no squeamishness here, also My good name is all over the net, i got references, im 100% official in all my dealings, Ill meet in person even if your close enough.
Pm me for contact info :geek:

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