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Is Italy Shipping Safe Now? What's unsafe?

Post by jimmyj »

The last few years I've cringed with every shipment to Italy, but all have arrived safely. This was after many years of having them vanish into a vortex.

Seems like it's safe now...?

What locations are giving you guys issues in recent years?
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Re: Is Italy Shipping Safe Now? What's unsafe?

Post by cokenner »

I've shipped to Italy I'd say 8 to 10 times within the past 3 years with no problems. Really anywhere I've shipped internationally I have little to no issue, except for some language barriers.

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Re: Is Italy Shipping Safe Now? What's unsafe?

Post by waxandthreads »

We accidentally cleared our blocked country list and have sold a bunch of stuff to Italy, Russia and some countries I've never heard of. Was a little worried, but everything arrived. I feel like the increased business of shipping everywhere more than makes up for the occasional loss. We've had way more packages lost shipping within the US (with tracking) than Internationally.

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Re: Is Italy Shipping Safe Now? What's unsafe?

Post by stage1dave »

I've had two problems this spring shipping to Thailand & Singapore; both CPS tracked packages.

(I also sold several singles, & these untracked items shipped "small packet" showed up within two weeks; no issues)

Tracked package to Thailand (6 t's) took over TWO MONTHS to arrive, & provoked a row between myself, Ebay, & PayPal that is still ongoing! They don't make it easy for a seller with their "buyer protection policies", but I notice this stuff has been covered in a couple other threads. (and elsewhere!)

After several calls to Canada Post, I was informed that several Asian countries "lock out" CP from their own tracking data, so an "investigation" must be initiated in order to obtain this info.

I was also informed by CP (over the phone & at the counter) that it's much faster & cheaper to use the small packet service to this corner of the world.

FWIW, I haven't had any issues shipping to Europe.

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