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Led Zeppelin ? 80's

Post by tornado194 »

Newbie really need help..last question..
hard to find similar shirt on net.
It thin fabric look like 50/50 blend shirt with
backstage pass..
what exactly backstage pass show for ?brand
Thanks a lot

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Re: Led Zeppelin ? 80's

Post by stage1dave »

That's a cool shirt!

I've got quite a few 'Backstage Pass' t's in the closet, & despite my search for info on the company itself, there's not much out there.

I can tell you that they were a Canadian-based company that printed band t's (both extant & expired) under license, & that they did a lot of band tour t shirt stuff as well. (I have several tour t's from The Cult, Clapton, Kiss, Rod Stewart, Travis Tritt (!) etc; printed by this company)

I've also seen expired bands like LedZep & the Doors on their products.

Just had to rifle thru the closet again, and all except one carry a 'Backstage Pass' tag, & they all were printed between 1989-1993. The sole "other" tag is Screen Stars, incidentally. Some are 50/50 material, & some 100% cotton.

I've commented on this on another thread, but they will usually print a very small logo on the shirt (usually lower LHS) followed by a 'copyright 19-'; sometimes in another colour...usually red...& it's small enuff to drive an eagle to a microscope!

(the copyright mark is 'c inside a circle', btw)

Hope this helps a bit, but my experience has been the Canadian-produced stuff is a 'bit under the radar' market-wise right now, unless it's an uber-rare 'regional' Iron Maiden tour t! That makes it a bit tuff to get info on.

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Re: Led Zeppelin ? 80's

Post by tornado194 »

thanks for review

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