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Motorhead 1979 Reading Festival Shirt

Post by houseofdodd »

Have never seen a pre-80s Motorhead shirt .. thoughts on value? No holes or stains. Definitely legit. This is one bad ass shirt.
Motorhead 1979 Reading Festival Shirt
Motorhead 1979 Reading Festival Shirt

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Re: Motorhead 1979 Reading Festival Shirt

Post by Retro »

Sick shirt. That 70s collar is awesome and that back print with the date is rad.

If you go to sold listings you will notice that most of the motorhead sold shirts have been capping out around 100$, luckily yours is way more badass than those so you can look to get more.

Now you have to consider the size of the shirt, if it has a pit to pit measurement greater than 18" you are in good shape, greater than 20" and you should be psyched.

Now do you need the money or can you sit on it for awhile ? If you need some cash I would throw it up on sunday night auction with the bid starting at $125, pretty sure it would sell, you might even get more than that.

If you can sit on it I would throw it up for 250$ with best offer, maybe 50$ less depending on the size. If you have sentimental value attached to it and want more throw it up for a really high price with best offer and just see what happens, definitely a rare piece so it is hard to tell exactly what can happen with these shirts sometimes.

Good luck!

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Re: Motorhead 1979 Reading Festival Shirt

Post by jimmyj »

Good advice! :D
Jimmy J

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