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Vintage 1986 blk Ramones Rocket to Russia concert T

Post by Used2Know »

I discovered the Ramones when I was about 16 and saw them for the first time at Airport Music Square in Allentown, PA in 1986. I probably saw them another 1/2 dozen or so more times in high school and even caught a show in Arizona during their farewell tour.
I graduated from a high school in suburban Philadelphia in 1988 and this is a shirt I bought at one of their shows around that time, probably at Airport Music Square, but I'm not positive. It has held up remarkably well considering I've worn it (a lot). If fact, I only recently stopped wearing it and was Googling how to store vintage shirts when I discovered how desirable they can be.
This one has worn thin nicely and has a really cool design on both the front and the back.
The tag is Screen Stars and is wrinkled probably from being washed and dryer dried so many times. It's a large and measures ~20" pit-to-pit & 20" or 21" from the bottom of the collar to the bottom hem. There is a miniscule hole on the back by the collar that you can only see if you stretch it. There are another two small holes on the rt sleeve. When photographing it I noticed some discoloration and a possible stain which I am going to try to wash out.
Thanks in advance for any input! :)
ramones rocket to russia tee

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Re: Vintage 1986 blk Ramones Rocket to Russia concert T

Post by jimmyj »

Awesome! Ive seen the print before but never noticed what its sold for. theres a rocket tee that sold recently with the classic ramones designs for $200. Just dont know for sure if its more or less popular. Worry not about the condition though its worn to perfection.
Jimmy J

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