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Re: Vintage Clothing of the Future

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Hey I had no idea you had a line of original Defunkd tees. Where can we see the whole line? Flea markets would be a perfect place to unload the rest of those tees in your basement, before it really becomes the vintage clothes of the future!

Getting back to the topic of this thread. I always pick up contemporary designer t-shirts t-shirts whenever i run into them second hand. Anything along the lines of Supreme, Fucking Awesome, Alife, Undftd, Affliction, and Salvage sells on the 'bay. I avoid Ed Hardy simply because the market is flooded with fakes. Maybe in 15 years they will be as desirable as say, a vintage "Hypercolor" t-shirt is today? Alife and Supreme definitely had something good going about 7 years ago when you could only get their t-shirts by waiting on line at their boutiques in NY or LA.

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Re: Vintage Clothing of the Future


To me honest, I really like some of Ed Hardy's designs. :oops:
Have vintage Elvis tees? Let me know!

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Re: Vintage Clothing of the Future

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Crazy Bubba it's okay, we don't judge here :-)

Hey Jimmy, do you have that Bill and Ted tee in a XL? I want one!


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Re: Vintage Clothing of the Future

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I reckon t shirts that are kinda retro looking now will become vintage classics for the future. I saw this tee the other day and really liked the feel of it, even though it's not old, the design is quite nostalgic and kinda WW2 fighter pilot like. here is the link to it:

thoughts on this would be good....

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