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Re: Dry Rot

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I too have been a victim to dry rot on several occasions. And yes, always a black tee. 100% cotton. Now this got me thinking about my 80's deadstock comic book black tees still in the packaging. I'm thinking of opening them up and washing them if its not to late.

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Re: Dry Rot

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Fairly certain Jimmy has narrowed it down.

It's a chemical in the black dye that ultimately disintegrates the fabric.

Years of extreme temperature changes would also contribute to the process.
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Re: Dry Rot

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My first encounter with dry rot .... why does it have to be this shirt ugh

I’ve had this a while could tell it was NOS but thought the neck was just cut with scissors.

I live in a pretty damn humid climate on the East Coast in Norfolk Virginia and I’m not positive but I’d be willing to bet that this shirt has been here it’s whole life because after looking into where the stops were on the Nintendo Championship Tour Norfolk was one of them.

Any suggestions on selling this thing. The reissues that Hot Topic Sell don’t have Donkey Kong on the top they have Link and a cart from this tournament just sold for 100K and made big news. It’s not too ripped up but I don’t know if I am able to convey to someone that this shirt will fall apart if handled incorrectly or worn or washed.
Dry Rot
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Dry Rot
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Dry Rot
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Re: Dry Rot

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sorry....ifs it over.
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