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Heart-warming holiday story...

Post by waxandthreads »

... sort of.
Sold a $30 shirt 2.5 months ago that was going to Malaysia. After a month, buyer wanted money back saying it never arrived. No big deal, this kind of thing happens and as a seller you have to expect it every once in a while. Now, about 6 weeks after refund, buyer contacts me to let me know the shirt just arrived and he wants to pay for it!! This has never happened to me before. I can't believe it. There are still good people in this world!!

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Re: Heart-warming holiday story...

Post by jimmyj »

wow - region seems like the old days of shipping to Italy. I just shipped two tees there hope they land OK.

It's a festivus miracle!
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Re: Heart-warming holiday story...

Post by VintageManiac »

Nice, it is kinda like the time I sent out a couple t-shirts within 24 hrs off E-bay, but forgot that they were 'not' paid for yet. Ultimately, the people paid up after receiving the shirts!

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