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Long Beach California Flea Market

Post by Johnny65 »

Hey everyone -

A quick heads up!

If you're anywhere near L.A. this weekend the Long Beach Flea Market is this Sunday! Highly recommended. Totally worth the drive if you've never been.

I've scored some amazing pieces here. Everything from awesome hard-to-find vintage tees to random and rare collectibles at decent prices. Sellers are very willing to negotiate on price. All booths are authentic vintage/antique.

Pretty sure Hermosa Vintage and Frank from Bull Dog Vintage will be there.

Here's the Facebook page for all the info:

And their regular website:

Good hunting everyone.
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Re: Long Beach California Flea Market

Post by hermosavtg »

Sheesh tell everyone why dont you about this well-kept secret of a market! ;) Usually there's not a whole lot in the way of vintage t-shirts there. I will certainly be there if you all want to have a "Defunkd Meetup" type thing.

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