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Re: Outsourcing


Frank wrote:
a factory that doesn't have alot of pickers
Any suggestions?
I would suggest my factory :P Central america is actually pretty close to you and the truck could ship leave from NYC, drop off stuff to chase, you and then hermosa.

$6? $300 min? The 300 min is reasonable and I think that $5 is reasonable, but my perspective is obviously different. A factory owner typically doesn't want a million $50 guys in their factory, it's too distracting/too much hassle.
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Re: Outsourcing

Post by hermosavtg »

Thanks for all the advice guys. After reading it all, I'm going to pass on Midwest. The sales guy there was not willing to put together samples. Really it Sounds like a lot of trouble for less reward. Like having an entire week's shipment from the thrift store dumped on your doorstep and trying to make money from it. Forget it! Color me a cherry picker. I'd rather pay more money for better items. I'd rather spend the money and visit the factory and pull my own merch.

$5 an item @ $300 min IS reasonable, but it really depends on the quality of the items.

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