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recycling some tees

Post by zargosh »

I recently came across this program called Re-Spun from the store Marine Layer. They have stores across the US, it looks like mostly in big cities. If you bring them five tee shirts--they like 100% cotton, but they'll take anything--they'll give you $25 credit for their merch. They'll recycle the shirts you've brought to make new shirts. If they can't use the fibers in a mix, they'll give those to other organizations that can recycle them.

If there isn't a Marine Layer near where you live, they'll send you a box with free postage so that you can send the shirts to them and you can spend the credit online (not sure if they'll send a box up to Canada or not). They only give you a $25 credit once every three months, but they'll take as many shirts as someone wants to give (so if you give them 5 shirts or 50 shirts or 500 shirts, you'll end up with $25 credit).

I have nothing to do with this store, other than that I dropped off a bagful of shirts at the one near me in Miami. I think it's a cool way to recycle stuff if you end up with some clunkers that you don't want to keep or sell.

Here's a link to the program:

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Re: recycling some tees

Post by jimmyj »

Very cool. A modern way for moms to donate their son's band tees without telling them!
Jimmy J

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