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Re: academy clothing vs stormcrow

Post by StivTaters »

Ps. I would just buy stormcrows but its a couple inches too small for me

Come on! Are the cheap shots really necessary? It was cold out when i measured it.

Now that you're warmed up, ladies and gentlemen......Don Rickles!

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Re: academy clothing vs stormcrow

Post by Johnny65 »

Great thread everyone. Didn't mean to offend TrickyGuns.

Jimmy is correct. I should have been more specific. I believe it to be a modern day reproduction of a unlicensed bootleg. It's just too clean.

I like my vintage thrashed and dirty. That way I know I'm getting the real thing.

You can't fake 20-30 years of dirt, sweat and washing. :mrgreen:

The L.A. Guns tee will still be a totally cool to wear. It just comes down to whether you're a stickler for originals or not.


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Re: academy clothing vs stormcrow

Post by TrickyGuns »

Missing tag, too clean, and extremely dark print. I was 99% sure but just had to ask the pros, thanks for all the feedback guys.

Why are most modern day bootlegs so much darker? Why do they have a hard time getting the color right? And what's the deal with airline food?

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