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Baumwolle Nirvana

Post by Brendon1968 »

I am looking at a nirvana bleach long sleeve shirt see pics (3) I was wondering if anyone has background on the validity of Baumwalle, I haven't seen it before but the shirts looks good in pics...any feedback is much appreciate.
Baumwolle Nirvana
Baumwolle Nirvana
Baumwolle Nirvana

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Re: Baumwolle Nirvana

Post by jimmyj »

Hello! Its Baumwolle - which just means cotton. I have seen that generic tag on plenty of 90s tees seems legit from here.
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Re: Baumwolle Nirvana

Post by mfin433 »

I have seen that tag as early as 1989. Shirt is legit.

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