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BMTH screaming bloody face graphic t-shirt?

Post by Megounche »

Hi vintage lovers! So I found an interesting shirt and I'm wondering if someone recognizes it. (See pictures) It's a big screaming face with blood on the mouth, a really cool graphic with the letters BMTH on the forehead. Well, I'm assuming it's a T but it's really a cross inside down. I've been researching and it seems that the band Bring Me The Horizon could've made this, but I can't find any similar tee online. It's on an Alstyle tag and I fell like it's either from the late 90's or early 2000's. Did you ever see a shirt like this, and do you have any idea how much it's worth?

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Re: BMTH screaming bloody face graphic t-shirt?

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I think it's probably 2000s?

With stuff like this you can use a Google image search and paste the URL in or even upload the image.

When I did that it brought back this Twitter account who uses it as his profile image:


In his bio he says he's a comic and manga reader - so it's probably an obscure comic book image, but I was unable to find out where it's from. I'm not fully sure what manga is but perhaps it's exclusively digital comics?
Jimmy J

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