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Dead Kennedy's Fantasy

Post by houseofdodd »

I have reason to believe this is real .. found 4 or 5 other true vintage '77-81 shirts at the same time .. and it it's that stretchy kind of cotton ... the only thing that gives me pause is the 2 or 3 other ones I've seen were all Screen Stars, not Fantasy. But the Fantasy tag definitely looks legit. The shirt appears to be deadstock never worn. Can't really tell from the pictures but it has that crinkly look like it was just removed from tight packaging. So, curious to hear thoughts.
Dead Kennedy's Fantasy
Dead Kennedy's Fantasy
Dead Kennedy's Fantasy

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Re: Dead Kennedy's Fantasy

Post by jimmyj »

wow. good score! ive never seen a fantasy deadstock before I dont think. so thats what they look like before turning into mishapen rags! I cant figure out a reason it would be fake...as fantasy is a crap brand IMO...they dont hold up well over time... if someone was going to go through all the trouble to fake it...why use Fantasy?

What were the other tees and where did ya find em?
Jimmy J

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