Upload a photo and let the community weigh in on the authenticity of your t-shirt.
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Don't Aid and Abet a Bootlegger!

Post by jimmyj »

I used to get requests like these back in the day on eBay.

Please you send photos of this shirts but one photo for one shirt total 12 photos to my email XXXXXXX@gmail.com .

I very interested your items. Please send photo to me very quick because have a little time to bid. Thank you so much.

I hope you done it for me and i will glad if i can see photo of every shirt.

The photo I attached to this auction is high-res - and the zoom allows for every single front to be viewed quite clearly.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 1029215852

Just seems like a suspicious request to me. Anyone else? Am I just paranoid? Am I turning down a potential bidder or bootlegger?

Typically from low feedback accounts.
Jimmy J

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Re: Don't Aid and Abet a Bootlegger!

Post by cokenner »

Broken-English is always a turn-off for me. I tend to ignore them. Like you said, what he wants is right there in the hi-res picture. Seems like a bogus request and you seem to have done well in the end.

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Re: Don't Aid and Abet a Bootlegger!

Post by mrs_stout »

No, not paranoid. Probably for use with a DTG printer. Your auction photos were good enough for any legitimate buyer. I could see asking for 1 or 2 closeups, but not 12 individual hi-res photos.

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