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Is this a 1970s Earth Wind and Fire T-Shirt?

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Hi, can someone help take a look on this one? Im not pretty sure about it, I know in the 70s they had the iron on prints, im not sure about this. I appreciate your time and thank you!
RN 42512 Pakistan Tag

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Re: Is this a 1970s Earth Wind and Fire T-Shirt?

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Hi there -

It certainly checks all the boxes! The tag, the size, the transfer, I would say yes. Even the detail on the arm cuffs, it's a "silent ringer," is that a term? Let's coin it.

A silent ringer is a shirt made with ringer construction on the arms and collars, yet the colors match the base of the shirt.

We don't have a record of RN 42512 in our database, cheers for adding it.

It is, however, a heat transfer. They aren't super popular, although I think that will change one day...as these designs are a part of the vintage t-shirt universe.

I guess the problem is that collectors feel that the transfer could have been added decades later. I do remember years ago they were available in piles on eBay. The other problem is that these prints don't withstand the test of time - and fade like crazy after a few washes.
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