Post a photo or link to an eBay listing and let the community weigh in on whether it's a true vintage tee.
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lord ched
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Playboy Channel- 80s

Post by lord ched »

Picked this up from tsue32 a while ago, and now feel like giving it the auction treatment- though I'm suspicious of the rough texture of the ink. Hard to tell from these photos, but the slogan is a little ill-defined for my liking. Front has well-defined edges, but still. Might have been a dashed-off promo to be worn at the cable company (making the anticipatory slogan make a little more sense) maybe like video store movie promos, which can sometimes be rush jobs.

The Sportswear tag is also seemingly accurate for the launch in 1982- golden yellow lettering with two brown lines underneath. But I remember another shirt in another size by another seller at the same time, a thing which now makes me go hmmm. Anybody remember these being bootlegged?
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Re: Playboy Channel- 80s

Post by jimmyj »

Lord! you're back!

Looks good to me, printing mishaps occur all the time. I doubt bootleggers had/have any interest in the Playboy channel. Keep it, with Hef's empire crumbling Playboy may be a thing of the past in the near future.
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Re: Playboy Channel- 80s

Post by Johnny65 »

Nice piece!

Looks like the real thing to me.

lord ched
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Re: Playboy Channel- 80s

Post by lord ched »

I just saw that Playboy stuff tends to bid up decently, if mostly with the Playboy tag- so I thought it might make me some quick and dirty (if softcore) dollars and pay some bills.

I thought that it was a long shot for bootlegging, but the simple design also seemed like an easy scam to run- better safe than sorry.

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