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Hi! Questioning the legitimacy of online "vintage" shops...

Post by elsistar »


I just stumbled across this site/forum after being completely flabbergasted by seeing a number of "vintage" shirts on a site called "Stoned Immaculate Vintage" that seem like they just can't be anything but downright fakes...

Nasty Gal's vintage stuff (and whether or not it's all authentic or they're accurate with the dating) is one thing... but I really want to know if there's someone that can just outright debunk the legitimacy of these...




All perfectly "paper thin" with no defects, and oh-so conveniently girl-sized (and many "sold out")... This has got to be a joke, right?

I'm aware that only people that were given original woodstock shirts were crew - and that "sold out" shirt looks nothing like any of the crew shirts I've seen, much less does it look vintage. (& wouldn't an original woodstock crew shirt sell for far more than that anyway???)

Maybe I'm wrong, overreacting, etc., but right now I just assume they're printing these themselves (hence the "we've only got one!" thing) and claiming them as legitimate vintage pieces - in which case, I can't wrap my head around how they can get away with it...

(Examples of Nasty Gal's also, which I assume is more likely to be authentic, but still... There's no way to validate the authenticity or whether or not they're just older repros nastygal.com/vintage-tops/vintage-judas-priest-84-tour-tee & nastygal.com/vintage-tops/vintage-pink-floyd-77-tour-tee)

Somebody reassure me that I'm not crazy?

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Re: Hi! Questioning the legitimacy of online "vintage" shops...

Post by jimmyj »

Def. agree with the woodstock tee comments - it's not from the festival but could still be vintage. Aside from that hard to tell without closeups. We're always skeptical of one color prints where no tag is shown. But some vendors/buyers don't geek-out like we do - so doesn't always mean they're fake.

Here's the RS tee on eBay:


The Neil Young looks legit too.

Screen printing is a bit of a bitch to set-up for one print. I hear your concerns but as best I can tell from the few photos, seem ok.
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Re: Hi! Questioning the legitimacy of online "vintage" shops...

Post by Retro »

I definitely wouldn't waste my time with any of those sites. I don't blame you for feeling 'crazy'. Seeing websites with listings like that irk me pretty bad.

If you are selling a shirt for that amount and don't have the common decency to post a picture of the tag (or where the tag used to be), a cloesup of the thread consistency, a closeup of the print condition, and the flaws, then I am just going to assume you are pandering to a market of people who are easily ripped off.

Also I am nearly 100% sure that woodstock shirt is not from the 60s. There is an extensive topic here on Defunkd talking about a 1980s woodstock shirt that was sold and if someone posted a picture from the 'stoned immaculate' site I am quite sure people here would have a field day with it. The only shirts made for woodstock were for employees and the stoned immaculate shirt does not fit the characteristics. http://www.defunkd.com/blog/2012/02/02/hells-angels/

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Re: Hi! Questioning the legitimacy of online "vintage" shops...

Post by elsistar »

Yeah, I suppose it could be vintage, but def not from the festival itself...

I know one-off printing would be a pain, but at the prices for which they're listing things, it wouldn't necessarily be unreasonable. It is a bit far fetched though, you're right... I could also sort of see them finding repros and not really knowing the legitimacy/just exactly HOW vintage they might actually be though.

The rolling stones one is spot on though... Like, I almost wouldn't be surprised if they were the ones that bought it off of ebay and just doubled the price on their site, lol.

I mean, maybe it's just a mix and some of it's legit and some of it's not... and they may or may not even be aware of what is and what isn't... just the whole everythings-paper-thin-and-perfect factor is what made me so highly skeptical of the legitimacy of their wares in general.

Definitely not intent on buying any of them, just saw their site while surfing the web and was like "wait, what? uhhhhm..." Figured I'd see what the experts would have to say. :D

...and, yes, their target market is obviously affluent early-20s females intent on building their blogworthy vip-at-coachella wardrobes (see also: not me). So, you're likely quite right about the "easily ripped off" part, Retro.

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Re: Hi! Questioning the legitimacy of online "vintage" shops...

Post by elsistar »

I finally took a second to look through ebay's completed auctions since jimmyj posted that RS tee link...

So, I guess you're right and at least some of their wares are actually legitimately authentic... considering the Niel Young shirt has the same top bidder as the Rolling Stones one, it's possible that's them buying 'em on ebay.

http://offer.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 7675.l2565

http://offer.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 7675.l2565

Of course, there's always the question of whether or not the articles on ebay are authentic or not, but that's beside the point if they believe them to be... and I'm not really questioning any of these auctions. (And they probably are authentic, I'm not THAT much of a crazy skeptic.)

The one thing I found a little disconcerting though was this, since it looks an awful lot like their "vintage" woodstock tee...

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Woodstock-T-shi ... 2c704e3cb3

Like, throw some maybe-not-so-vintage pieces in with the same high price tags as the legitimate ones and folks will be none the wiser?

idk... probably shouldn't waste any more time on it, but something about it still just feels sketchy to me... mostly because of the woodstock shirt & because I hate seeing people profit from being disingenuous.

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