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Real Dead head Tee?

Post by Theatticvintageco »

Hey guys can ha help me with this dead head long sleeve? I've seen the original 80s one with the Bears on the sleeve. But I've also seen an 88 GD tie dye on a delta that was US Componets MADE in El Salvador. So take a look! Also my apologies on the sideways pics

Pit to pit is about a 22 1/2"




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Re: Real Dead head Tee?

Post by FiftyFiftyMan »

Almost certainly a recent reproduction. I have some old Delta shirts that say Made in the USA from what I believed to be early 90's. Though from a comment by JimmyJ in another recent Delta post:

"Delta is a tricky one - history says it's been around since the 1900s....became public in 2000...incorporated in 1999. I thought it was a late 90s thing. Anyone know for sure?"

Considering it's made in El Salvador and the measurements, that rules out it being from the 80's for sure. Nice design though, and should still get interest.

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