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Screen Stars - Real or Fake?

Post by ShirtSounds »

I picked up a couple of these shirts today while out thrifting...


They are in dead stock shape. I've read the real/fake Screen Stars entry on the Defunkd blog, but still can't tell. I don't know why anyone would fake this of all things and it seems like a fake wouldn't end up in a thrift store. There were four total, so I think someone just had some back stock.

They are just Ford Motorcraft shirts, but I've actually had some luck selling old Ford shirts before, so I snagged two of the four:


I know Motorcraft started in 1972, so that in itself is not modern. Maybe I've just never seen dead stock Screen Stars before. The L is 20 inches across and the XL is 20.75 inches across. These are the absolute thinnest shirts I've ever seen. In the picture you can see the bottom shirt's design all the way through the top shirt. Anyway, just curious as I don't want to be putting up dubious shirts.

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Re: Screen Stars - Real or Fake?

Post by jimmyj »

Real deal! At least not the Thailand ones we uncovered recently. You can tell by the little thread that's coming off the one tag - the Thai ones are all plastic.
Jimmy J

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