Describe and link to anything vintage noteworthy.
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Shameless Ebay Self-Promotion helps w/rent

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Who says feeding the needy is a heavy burden?
I'll even through in an aged tee shirt to boot!
Buy shirts!
P.S. visiting the link for my wry writing alone is worth your time, promise.

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Re: Shameless Ebay Self-Promotion helps w/rent


Welcome. I see that you're a new seller so here are some tips:

- $.99 is not a great starting price and most of your auctions will indeed end at that price, if not go unsold because prospective buyers will not value your item.

- Keyword spamming ex: Maddona Justin Beiber etc for a NKOTB t-shirt will likely turn buyers off and may even get you a slap on the wrist from ebay as it's against the rules.
Have vintage Elvis tees? Let me know!

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