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lord ched
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Great White- Wasted Rock Ranger

Post by lord ched »

I do believe I jumped the gun on buying this deeply flagrant deadstock beauty with measurements that are close but no cigar. Nevertheless, I felt I should share one of the finest efforts from Great White- the worst band ever, with the body count to prove it- before I figure out what to do with it.
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Re: Great White- Wasted Rock Ranger

Post by Johnny65 »

Throw it in the dirt, cut some holes in it and splash some bleach on it. That might increase it's value. :lol:

Or throw it in a box far from the light of day for another 20 years.

Just kidding.

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Re: Great White- Wasted Rock Ranger

Post by wax&thread »

Sorry to dig this thread up, but I loved that song when I was like..10. Wasted Rock Ranger was the B side on the Once Bitten Cassingle.

*I played soccer with the drummer's bastard son in the 80s and he came to a few of our games. His mom was a hottt groupie.*

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Re: Great White- Wasted Rock Ranger

Post by Fatandyz »

My older brother was a big Great White fan. It was from that moment on that I realized that he liked bad music.

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