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lord ched
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The Ethics of Vintage Bootlegs on eBay

Post by lord ched »

I'm always thrilled to find some unlicensed relic of the past in a thrift store (as I am with the licensed ones), and have sold a bunch, which gives me cash to supplement my disability cheque. But I can't shake the feeling that I'm jobbing somebody: I always show the tag and (lack of) copyright, but those out of the know could be getting something they're not sure of. Some bootlegs are acceptable (metal shirts in particular), but sometimes the line between right and wrong gets hazy. What do people feel about this? When is it okay and when is it ripping somebody off?

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Re: The Ethics of Vintage Bootlegs on eBay

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Everyone and his brother in Thailand is selling repro, bootleg and knockoff concert shirts on ebay. eBay is notoriously spotty on copyrights and fakes (search picasso). Myself I scrutinize everything I sell and try and be certain it's not repro/fake, but I've made some mistakes!

However I'd say period vintage bootlegs or knockoffs do have collectible interest and value, especially if there are not 30 similar vintage bootlegs for sale at the same time.
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Re: The Ethics of Vintage Bootlegs on eBay


To be honest, often I can't tell the difference. If it's vintage I'll throw it into the bundle.

I haven't listed any t-shirts on ebay yet but I think that I'd probably keep the reproductions to wear myself and sell the real stuff. It's not worth jeopardizing your reputation for a couple sales. If you do sell, I would expect a note about the item's provenance.
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