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Wanted Beavis and Butthead Metallica Shirt

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Hey all, I'm completely new to this so bare with me...
I have been looking for a Beavis and Butthead Metallica shirt for the longest time, unfortunately I can't seem to find it anywhere. When I google imaged my search, it led me to this site where someone had been selling it, but alas I'm a year too late. So, here's hoping that someone can help me with my quest...
This is the original listing: http://www.defunkd.com/product/HE135904 ... -shirt-mtv
If anyone can help me with locating this shirt I would be forever grateful! Please contact me at mouth-for-war@hotmail.co.uk
Thanks guys!
Wanted Beavis and Butthead Metallica Shirt
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Re: Wanted Beavis and Butthead Metallica Shirt

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huh huh, huh huh, huh huh. Will do.
Jimmy J

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