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Big Boys/Salt n Peppa/4byFour/Heavy D/Dana Dane 1987 Shirt

Post by natalieribbons »

:mrgreen: Hey there y'all,

This is my first post on this forum…so glad I discovered this since at a loss when it comes to valuing t shirts and have a fair amount.

I have this 1987 Big Boys t shirt and I cannot find anything remotely similar to it anywhere on the internet. I've done some research and it appears that this is the very first Salt n Pepa tour ever, which is cool since they were the first commercially successful all female rap crew! The shirt is in fantastic condition and am fairly certain that it's exceedingly rare.

My band is about to go on tour and I need some dough, so no more sitting on this thing--it's time to sell! But I'm anxious about how much to sell it for. Any insight into what you guys might do would be heavily appreciated... I don't want to ask for too much and look like a greedy fool, but I also don't want to watch it go for way too little when I've saved this for so long! Please feel free to chime in with any thoughts on the matter, and thanks in advance!

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Re: Big Boys/Salt n Peppa/4byFour/Heavy D/Dana Dane 1987 Shirt

Post by jimmyj »

Thanks for sharing! Love it and never seen it before.

4 by Four is also new to me, just looked them up: ... 4-by-four/

While super cool, the knocks against it: it's not the most exciting design. The artists aren't among the more sought after 80s hip hop artists. It's a Pakistan label - not the best quality tees. HAHNS I also don't recall seeing before so thanks for adding that! But at size M - it's a modern day S, which eliminates most of the people who would wear it.

I've had this rap combo tee for sale for a few years, with no bites. To me, the artists on this tee are more of a powerhouse combo: ... ne-t-shirt

Yet there's been little interest in it, I think mostly because of the size.

Having said all that - you might squeeze $200+ out of it, but only if you're patient with a BIN with offers.

There's more appraisal info here: ... e-t-shirt/
Jimmy J

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