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1977 Black's Beach authentic T- Shirt

Post by carolinaguy21 »

I purchased this black t-shirt from a small head shop in San Diego's Blacks Beach in 1977. I was with my cousin Gail Cona, who with her husband gave me a tour there during a July business trip for KPMG Peat Marwick CPA's. Her then husband Chuck insisted that we go to Blacks Beach because it was at that time the only nude beach in the US. He encouraged me to buy this t shirt as a souvenir and I reluctantly agreed.
1977 was the last year that the City of San Diego allowed their portion of La Jolla beach to exist as a nude beach; the still existing "clothing optional" Blacks Beach is in a CA State park just north of the private portion that was shut down. The row of beach joints for food and souvenirs is long gone, as this part of the world has become very exclusive and pricey.
I wore the shirt twice and washed it, then put it away in my dresser drawer for 37 years. I believe that the shirt was silk screened by hand by a local and that only a few were made originally. The Hanes label, as I have learned on this site, was mostly used in the seventies. This tee has no holes, frays, stains or creases; so I would grade it as excellent, near mint according to the criteria that I have read on this site. I have researched the web for anything like this shirt, and found nothing.
Can anyone tell me anything about this shirt, it's status as a pop culture collector's item, or suggestions on marketing it. Any comments (including corrections) would be very helpful. Thanks!
1977 Black's Beach authentic T- Shirt
1977 Black's Beach authentic T- Shirt
1977 Black's Beach authentic T- Shirt
1977 Black's Beach authentic T- Shirt
1977 Black's Beach authentic T- Shirt

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Re: 1977 Black's Beach authentic T- Shirt

Post by jimmyj »

Very cool and thanks for the full history! Wish all posts were like yours. There's a bit of a collectibles niche for nudity, streaking and such.

Apparently there's a gay section of the beach now - so typically I would suggest putting "gay int" in the title of an eBay listing, but heard recently they no longer allow that for some silly reason.

Probably the most famous nude beach in America, Blacks Beach is also San Diegos popular gay destinationimagine that. It requires a bit of a hike down, but once you reach the bottom, hang right for the gay section. On a warm weekend day (or any day in the Summer) you can expect to find all types relaxing on the shore--from see-and-be-seen speedo clad queens to gay surfers in board shorts. And of course there are those who prefer to wear nothing at all. Bring a boogie board and keep an eye out for dolphins; they're known to get mighty close to the shore, especially when ocean temperatures rise. And please, take your trash with you!

The vendor that most comes to mind to weigh in on something like this is Kosher - who constantly digs up tees that aren't on most of our radars.


I'll send him an email and see if he'll weigh in on this thread.
Jimmy J

(Please note: Legit checks I do in this forum should not be considered 100% conclusive; I'm simply giving a gut reaction based on the limited information provided.)

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Re: 1977 Black's Beach authentic T- Shirt

Post by mayablue »

Hello, I’m desperately looking for this Blacks Beach T-shirt. I know it’s years after this post was made but figured it was worth a shot

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