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Authentic Slayer tour shirt?

Post by Mgod80 »

Hello, I bought this from a seller who told me they got this in Austria in the early 90's. It's a slayer tour shirt from 1990 from the European campaign tour.
The eagle is crooked not centered slightly tilted towards the right. Not to tilted but I'm not sure if that's due to the fact the shirt is really worn out. The seller wanted $150 for it but I talked him down to $100. Due to price I'm also unsure if it's authentic. On the front it's really grey as well as the back. The shirt has lots of cracks and looks and even has a vintage "smell" but I'm not sure. Reason being the it says Brockum on the front graphic to the left of the eagles wing. The front tag is faded and really small no washing details or anything on it. Would appreciate any feedback.
The front
The front
The back
The back

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Re: Authentic Slayer tour shirt?

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I seems legit from here. Brockum is right, but a little odd that's not on the tag - and those tags didn't really fade beyond readibility. But from what I've been told Brockum just used FOTL tees and had their tags sewn in. And given it's euro - perhaps they were printed there - and didn't have it together to co-ordinate the tagging.

I wouldn't stress it on this one. Unless it has a massive pit to pit measurement...
Jimmy J

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