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1975/76 WHOOP DE DOO tees - advice?

Post by hokeypix »

Just found these in an old farmhouse in the Catskills. They're soft, thin, etc.

Firstly, should I clean/Oxiclean them?

Secondly, what can I expect to get for them? (Or, what should I ask for them). I assume the Indian is worth the most (there was a second one, which I'm keeping. :D )

Thanks for any advice!
1975/76 WHOOP DE DOO tees - advice?

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Re: 1975/76 WHOOP DE DOO tees - advice?

Post by jimmyj »

Cool. Not sure if there's some collectibility to that now defunct festival - although there was one in 2013. But definitely Americana - and the champion blue bars help. Yes, would say the head tee will do best. Hit em with an oxy wash, why not, all white.

I'd price that one at $100 with offers. The others, I don't think will fetch too much unless there's a collectors market - which I doubt.
Jimmy J

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