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Alice Cooper / Has Alice Gone Too Far?

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I've never seen this Alice Cooper shirt anywhere. From my extensive sleuthing, I have come to the conclusion it's from approximately 1973, Billion Dollar Babies Tour. It's when the Coop introduced the guillotine to the stage show and similarly, I found a handbill for a concert in '73 with the same Alice chopped off head graphic that is featured on the shirt.

I'm just wondering on an estimated value? I've seen shirts from the same time listed at upwards to $700 and that seems really high to me.

Thanks for any help.
Alice Cooper / Has Alice Gone Too Far?

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Re: Alice Cooper / Has Alice Gone Too Far?

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very cool. i have never seen. that issue with the collar will be a big blow to the value unfortunately. alice has been up and down recently - with the condition id try it at $500 with offers...but not sure it will come close to fetching that - but maybe the design is sought after Im not sure! Let us know how you do!
Jimmy J

(Please note: Legit checks I do in this forum should not be considered 100% conclusive; I'm simply giving a gut reaction based on the limited information provided.)

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