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"Printing Stilet" Shop Artistique et Sentimental Amsterdam

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A user contacted us about a t-shirt shop in the Netherlands - Amsterdam redlight district at Damstraat 14 - called, "Printing Stilet."

Apparently it was the 430 Kings Road of Amsterdam.

Here's some details they provided:

"There was a small Teeshop on the 'Damstraat' (Damstreet) run by two guys, Jack and Steve. What I've been told (called her father) is that the owners went to London every now and then to buy shirts like these, five at the time. All this happened between 1976 and the early eighties.

This particular shop used to sell a shirt with Lady Di on it, bare breasted. The whole world came to see it. But you're really gonna love this: Jack and Steve bought those shirts from Malcolm Mclaren. This shirt is as genuine as can be. It hasn't been washed since it was made. I did some more research on the name of the shop (in London) and came up with a link in which Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm Mclaren are mentioned."

The guys from the shop in Amsterdam sold them to their customers among stuff they produced themselves around the corner in a small street. The Lady Di shirt was one printed in Amsterdam. The cops came to the shop and told them to take it out of the window. A small riot began and a lot of folks came to our city. My girl will be checking the newspapers for articles.

"So basically the Damstreet tees are made by Jack and Steve, but the ones from 'Artistique et Sentimental' are original and not re-branded. We owe five or six AeS shirts, in various conditions. The one with Johnny Rotten is worn by one person only -mother in law- and has a small stain on the back. The colour is beige (used to be off-white I guess). From tomorrow on we'll be looking for Jack. He sold the shop some time ago (1994) and is off-stage now. Steve was in a heavy car accident."

Anyone else with additional info?
Printing Stilet 14 Damstraat 14
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