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Sun ra t shirt

Post by Marengo87 »

I have this sun ra t shirt, I've looked on eBay and there was only one previous sale of a sun ra t shirt. It seems that all of his memorabilia is rare. It's not a tour t shirt so I'm wondering if that lowers the value. I work with vintage clothing so I know a bit about labels, and this fruit of loom label is from the late 80s.
vintage sun ra t-shirt
vintage sun ra t-shirt

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Re: Sun ra t shirt

Post by jimmyj »

Thanks for sharing. Until now I had no idea who sun ra was! Looks like theres another sun ra tee currently for sale. I dont think not being a tour tee will hurt the value - the purple color might. Although sun ra fans might be down with purple.

Always a bonus to have an obscure tee thats the only one for sale.

Id price it at $350 with offers.
Jimmy J

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