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Heard of "Johnny's $" ? 3D Emblem-like art.

Post by TimeForMemories »

Has anyone ever heard of "Johnny's" tees before? I found this one with a graphic that looks very 3D Emblem-like. Underneath says "Johnny's" with a "$" sign underneath. I couldn't find anything about it online, any other tees with the mark, or another tee with this graphic. It's on an "All Sport Events" tee. Back is blank. I threw it on eBay at $500 with offers just for the heck of it because of the subject matter and style, but wanted to see if any of you had heard of it or know anything at all about it.

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Re: Heard of "Johnny's $" ? 3D Emblem-like art.

Post by jimmyj »

Never seen before but thanks for sharing!
Jimmy J

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