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New band tees

Post by grainofsalt »

Hi all. I've been thinking about how I go to shows without question and stopped spending lots of money on new shirts since I primarily collect vintage shirts. Does anyone have new band shirt collections? What bands? Is anyone buying to give to their family's next generation 20 years from now? Curious what everyone does.. I have a few bands I just ended up with a large selection of tees from but a majority of my 'complete' collections are 80s/90s bands.

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Re: New band tees

Post by FiftyFiftyMan »

If you like the band, collect and wear them...time will tell how collectible they are. We're in an infernal hip hop age where there are few rock bands that command much interest beyond their regional area. I'd avoid the generic band tees and focus on those with specific tour date shows on the back or front...the more local the better. The generic ones will be reprinted from here to eternity. I'd stick with the licensed stuff. Some of the current stuff will be future "vintage" stuff. Will it be 2018 Greta Van Fleet tour shirts? Perhaps....but maybe not. It sometimes comes down to how popular the band gets, or if the singer OD's after the first album.

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