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Ricky Scaggs tee - Please help with value/date?

Post by Sazzvintage »

Recently found this Ricky Scaggs t-shirt. By the image, i would put it in the mid '80s. There is no info on the back. Any assistance with pinning down a date and some pricing would be greatly appreciated!
Sazz Vintage
Ricky Scaggs tee - Please help with value/date?

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Re: Ricky Scaggs tee - Please help with value/date?

Post by FiftyFiftyMan »

Without a tag, it's hard to pin down exactly. The graphics look straight out of the 80's, though.

Country music and NASCAR are two areas I avoid if possible. NASCAR product is just over-produced, and their fans aren't enamored with vintage shirts. Plus, they're tight with the buck. Country music fans (unlike rock) generally have little interest in owning or wearing vintage tee's. They tend to skew older...especially Skaggs fans, and they're not shelling out much for a 30 year old tee.

I usually price things higher at first to assess interest, then lower it. In this case, I wouldn't expect any more than $15, and that may take a while. Also, I'd take a picture with better lighting. The shirt looks stain ridden...in which case the shirt might never sell.

Good luck.

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