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Deadstock 1985 Deep Purple Crew Shirt

Post by Gnarcotic »

Does anyone have any information on this shirt? I know it's a 1985 Deep Purple shirt for their album 'Perfect Strangers'. I was told it was deadstock. (Also I apologize about the wrinkles in the shirt)

On to what I'm curious about. First of all, is this a tour/crew shirt? (I know it say "crew" on the back but I'm just asking anyways). I ask that because I haven't seen a tour shirt with this tag used. I'm also curious why it's a tag size L but it fits a modern L. I'm confused on that because I'm used to the vintage sizing. (Could it being Deadstock possibly be the reason?) The tag is Touch Of Gold. (Also Defund owner if you read this, I would like to donate my tag picture because I noticed you don't have a pic of that version in your Touch Of Gold photo collection) my last things I'm really curious about is why is it so paper thin if it is supposedly Deadstock. I'm not sure if it was originally made that thin but it's thin alright haha. My final question is what is it's value? I can't find this exact shirt anywhere with this back print.

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Re: Deadstock 1985 Deep Purple Crew Shirt

Post by jimmyj »

Hello! Indeed a crew shirt. Ive never seen one. But DP is not exactly a band that fetches big big bucks. It might give it a slight boost in value and an edge over other designs without the back - its a common design. Might get 75 to 100.

It is likely the fact that it is deadstock that the size is bigger - hasnt been washed. And some tees are thin as deadstock.
Jimmy J

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