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1985 Rocky IV Ringer Film Crew Tee

Post by RustedThrifts »

So I work at Value Village (Savers here in Canada) as a Recycler Material Handler so I bale all the stuff that did not sell OR aren't deemed "sellable"

What was deemed "non-sellable" by my lovely co-workers and sent to me to "bale?"

This beauty of a gem:
1985 Rocky IV Ringer Film Crew Tee
Of course I saved its demise from the baler and kept it for myself, but I was wondering how much this could possibly go for?
Considering this is an exclusive film crew shirt, I don't imagine there are many others just like this floating around online. Not too mention it's sized as medium but could probably fit my 6 year old nephew at most.. So sell as a wall-hanger in that case?

What do y'all think :)
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Re: 1985 Rocky IV Ringer Tee

Post by RustedThrifts »

apologies in advance for the neck-straining head turning for the photo (if you're on desktop)

Not too sure how to edit and rotate the photo if even possible :p

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Re: 1985 Rocky IV Ringer Film Crew Tee

Post by jimmyj »

Love this tee and had it once, gave it to a pal that is a fellow Rocky fan.

It is probably on the rarer size as I've only ever seen the one I owned, yours, and one I just looked up on worth point - which was tagged XL and fetched $125 last year.

But the knocks against this one - the size. And the ringers don't help.

You might get a touch more for it, just might take a while for the right buyer to come along. But don't take any chances and price it higher on eBay and see if you get any nibbles out of the gate.
Jimmy J

(Please note: Legit checks I do in this forum should not be considered 100% conclusive; I'm simply giving a gut reaction based on the limited information provided.)

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