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Re: eBay Report Item Experiment

Post by hermosavtg » ... 0782344578

Maybe if Harley Davidson was an active VERO member...

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Re: eBay Report Item Experiment

Post by jimmyj »

I've kept an eye on this item to see if eBay took any action on it after the auction ended. Nope. If they had it would show as being an invalid item that had been suspended. Here it still is, in all it's glory 2 full weeks after close.

8+ sellers with accounts in good standing reported this item and absolutely nothing was done about it. Shameful. :cry:

TinaLove1991 goes on their merry way deceiving more eBay buyers and pocketing the loot.

And of course they've already posted yet another fake Prince shirt....the cycle continues. ... 20bb4af17c
eBay Report Item Experiment
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Re: eBay Report Item Experiment

Post by maxvintage »

What a bummer. With nearly 6000 transactions you can bet that ebay has made a lot of money off tinalove, no wonder they don't want to do anything about it.

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